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Q1: Why write a book on Respect?

Respect is a highly underrated and mis-understood concept. Yet it is such an integral part of success. In fact, it is a measure of the quality of success. I felt the importance of truly studying this concept (Respect), presenting it in an insightful and clear manner, and encouraging parents to teach it to their children at a very early age. Young adults should also be encouraged to learn, understand, and practice Respect.

Q2: How did you develop the concepts behind Respect, in your book?

As a continuous improvement expert and professional, I was able to apply several quality management tools and analytical techniques to derive, assess, and vet some fundamental concepts behind Respect. These tried and proven tools and techniques are commonly used in the scientific and business communities. I combined my findings with other well documented studies and philosophical works to produce a framework – The EKTIMIS Respect Model. This served as a platform for my writing.

Q3: Is “RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It” a book on parenting?

No, it is not a book on parenting. It is, however, a book intended to inform parents on key concepts and insights that will help them enhance their parenting skills.

Q4: I am single and not a parent, but I am in a relationship. What will I gain from your book, “RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It”?

Respect is a topic that applies to everyone regardless of marital status. The concepts that I present in the book are especially valuable to singles, in relationships. You will gain valuable knowledge and insights that will help you assess and measure the quality of your relationship today and going forward.

Q5: What minimum reading age would you recommend for your book, “RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It”?

The book is written in a manner that presents complex topics in very simple terms. A sixteen (16) year old, and older, should be able to understand (and enjoy) the book with minimal difficulty.

Q6: I am a young adult (early 20s). What can I get out of your book, “RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It”?

In addition to parents, the book on respect is written especially for young adult and professionals. You will gain valuable insight and knowledge that will help you shape and foster a career based on sound personal and professional principles. You will also benefit from my personal accounts and testimonies which I share in the book on respect. Lastly, you will gain vital information that may help you dramatically improve your interpersonal skills and relationships.

Q7: Will you entertain reader comments and feedback on your book, “RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It”?

Yes. I shall look forward to all reader comments and feedback. Thank you.













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