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Ektimis FAQ's

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Q1: What does the word EKTIMIS stand for?

Hint: It is derived from a non-English word!

Q2: What is the purpose and objective of the Ektimis eNewsletter?

The purpose of the Ektimis eNewsletter is to provide a forum for discussion and insightful exploration of a variety of subjects and themes focused on the topic of respect—a measure of valuation—in various settings (home, workplace, school, public, etc.) To this end there are three main objectives behind Ektimis:

  1. To Inform – by transferring knowledge—on well researched topics—to the reader
  2. To Enlighten – by facilitating understanding of selected topics
  3. To Empower – by motivating and inspiring (to action)

Q3: Who is the Ektimis eNewsletter audience?

Anyone can benefit from the Ektimis eNewsletter; however, it is intended for an audience that includes, primarily, parents (charged with young children and teenagers) and couples, young adults, and professionals.

Q4: How often is the Ektimis eNewsletter published?

Once a month. The current target schedule is during the 3rd week, or sometimes the 4th week, of every month.

Q5: What type of topics will be covered in the Ektimis eNewsletter?

The plan is to cover topics rooted in the concept of respect, and that meet the three objective criteria listed in question #2 above. Such topics will primarily include subjects that foster critical thinking and introspective reflection—that is, in-depth views that most people never consider or give a second thought, but yet deem very relevant and important.

Q6: Can I share some of my experiences with you, to share with other readers?

Absolutely. The Ektimis online forum is intended to facilitate sharing of experiences for the benefit of others. Reader feedback and testimonies will be given fair consideration for publication on the Ektimis Reader View section.













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