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The Top Ten Laws of Respect Book Series
By Niyi Taiwo

This powerful book series presents a body of key principles that govern respect in our lives – on a personal level, in a workplace setting, and in a home setting. These principles are broken into three groups: foundational laws, influential laws, and sustaining laws.

The foundational laws will reshape your thinking as they explain the essence of respect. The influential laws will influence your mindset as they explain the basic factors that cause you to gain and lose respect of other people. And the sustaining laws will shape your attitude as they present factors that can help you gain and maintain respect on a sustained basis. Most of these principles are universal and are well supported by research studies and extensive moral philosophy.

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RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It
By Niyi Taiwo

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Chapter Two – Pages 19 to 23
Chapter Six – Pages 106 to 110
Chapter Seven – Pages 124 to 127
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Consider the following...

  • How do you define Respect?
  • What does Respect mean to you?
  • Is Respect an important aspect of your life?
  • What role does Respect serve in your Personal life? Family Life? Professional life? Social life?
  • Do you respect other people? If so, how do you show respect?
  • Do you command respect? If so, why?
  • How did you learn the concept of Respect? How do you teach it?
  • Do you have a child? How are you teaching him or her the essence of Respect?
  • Do you understand the human thought processes that cause you to gain and lose respect?

These questions are explored, in this new book on respect, in a clear and comprehensive manner that will surprise you and challenge your thinking!

Book Synopsis – RESPECT: Gaining It and Sustaining It

This highly engaging and enlightening book presents a comprehensive and bottom-up view on the highly overlooked topic of Respect. N. Taiwo thoughtfully identifies the fundamental components of Respect and reassembles them in a very logical and practical manner, offering a profound look into human behavior and thought processes.

The concept of Respect is presented in a whole new light and perspective, and a strong case is made about the role Respect plays in shaping and fostering success in life. N. Taiwo draws support from a wealth of personal experiences as well as public headline news references.

N. Taiwo engages a continuous improvement approach, used extensively in the business world, to uncover a compelling roadmap to gaining and sustaining Respect as an integral part of a quality lifestyle.

Parents and couples will find this book on respect intriguing and thought provoking and will yearn to get to the next chapter for more insight.

Young adults and professionals will gain valuable knowledge and pragmatic advice that may be put to practice promptly and continuously, for many years.

Everyone will benefit greatly from this non-fiction self-help book, which will serve as a valuable guide and a complimentary reference literature.













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